Directions from Letterkenny & Derry
  1. When leaving the L'Kenny Dual Carriageway, take the first turn left and head for Derry/Bridgend.
  2. Once you reach the next roundabout, which is in Bridgend, take the first left for 150 meters.
  3. Then turn right at Mc Intyres. Bar which is on the Right hand side .
  4. Carry on up the road which will take you to a Junction.
  5. Turn left again at this Junction and head for Muff.
  6. Once you reach Muff, turn left and drive for 16 miles to Moville.
THEN: Directions when approaching Moville
Directions once you approach Moville 
  1. When Driving into Moville from the Derry & Letterkenny direction, you will pass a Petrol Station on your right hand side before you reach the Town.
  2. As you pass this Petrol Station, there will be a Church Steeple on the left hand side of the road.
  3. Take the left turn immediately after this steeple, drive up the road for 150 yards.
  4. Moville Celtic's ground is on the left hand side.